Let’s get Wyoming back to work

By REBECCA BEXTEL, Jackson/ Alpine
Posted 5/2/20

Time to reset the economy in Wyoming

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Let’s get Wyoming back to work


It feels like the goalposts are constantly moving in regards to the coronavirus pandemic, but I believe if all American voters start demanding it, this global economic disaster can be over with sooner rather than later.

I am thankful for the leadership Governor Gordon gave us today (Tuesday) as he lifted restrictions in Wyoming and urged us forward with the ground we have gained in the fight against coronavirus. And all Americans have the privilege of the leadership of President Trump, and we know that the smartest people and most innovative companies in the world are working hard on solutions to open up our national economy.

I was filled with pride as Governor Gordon pointed out that Wyoming is considered to be the fourth state in the nation to lead us back to a full economic recovery, but our future still lies largely in the hands of the global economy, and we need demand for energy to return.

To recap, we’ve been told to keep social distancing in place because it will save lives. We were told to isolate because we did not want to overwhelm the health care system. We were told herd immunity will save the vulnerable (while socially distancing?), but now even health care workers are being laid off due to a lack of patients and revenue. I am not discounting the fact many Americans have tragically lost their life during this pandemic, but the only ones suffering are not just the people with the coronavirus.

Nationally, we are now hearing that “testing is the key,” but many people across the US have already known they were infected and they have already recovered, yet they are still not allowed to return to work. Also, many qualified medical professionals are challenging the published death rates, and the true numbers might end up being far less than the common flu.

In a previous interview, I appreciated Governor Gordon stating people in Wyoming have common sense so he never had to put a “stay at home” order in place. He seemed to understand the frustrations many of us feel about being out of work, and he gave Wyoming citizens credit for thoughtfully adapting to these times on our own.

In regards to our tourism industry, I agree with Governor Gordon that tourists want to come here and feel safe and have good experiences, but I will add something else. Maybe some of our future summer tourists want to come to Wyoming to remember the taste of freedom and escape their police states where their own government is spying on them with drones and their neighbors are encouraged to turn them in for “shelter in place” violations.

I want to convey to Governor Gordon, if someone else sadly dies with the coronavirus, their blood is not on his hands. He serves the entire population of Wyoming, and not just those who could catch the coronavirus, and he made his recent decision for the benefit of the entire state. I am guessing the fact that cases of domestic violence, child abuse, crime, drug abuse, etc, all increase when the unemployment and poverty levels rise weighed heavily in his decision.

Lastly, Attorney General Barr recently issued a warning to all state and local governments who might be violating civil liberties, and I hope these elected officials are listening, especially in Teton County. George Washington once said, Americans would rather die on their feet than live on their knees, and almost 300 years later, I think many Americans will agree. The faster all Americans can get back to work, the better off all of us will be.