MVHS soccer teams cornered the wins over the Eagles Tuesday, May 9

Posted 5/17/23

MVHS and LHS soccer teams played each other on the pivot

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MVHS soccer teams cornered the wins over the Eagles Tuesday, May 9


MOUNTAIN VIEW — The varsity soccer matches between the Buffalos and the Eagles for both the boys and the girls Tuesday ended in a draw at the end of regulation play with Mountain View taking both wins in overtime.

The matches were played on the Buffalos pitch and both matches were hard-fought defensive matches as the teams battled for control of the ball and to set the goals.

In the game of the Lady Buffs against the Lady Eagles, Mountain View had the first possession then the teams traded balls and kept the other scoreless. Finally, Lady Eagle Karly Sabey booted a successful shot into the goal and put the first score of the match on the board for the Eagles. Shortly after that, Eliza Clegg sent another ball into the net for Lyman to give Lyman a second goal. With a minute left in the first half, Lady Buff Cami Kenison took another shot at the goal but it didn’t connect as Addie Nelson grabbed the ball. The score at the end of the first half was 2-0 in favor of Lyman.

Back on the pitch in the second half, neither team was able to score in the first 11 minutes. Then Lady Buff Mia Guild booted the ball and put the ball in the net to score the first goal for Mountain View. Following a free kick, Guild again booted the ball into the net, scoring a second goal for Mountain View tying the score at 2. With 10 minutes left in the second half the teams battle for control of the ball, but neither could connect and score a goal. The score was tied at the end of the game, 2-2.

This sent the teams into a shootout due to this year’s regs, each team gets five kicks to try to ace the shootout and take the win. Both teams aced their first shot, then Mountain View missed the second while Lyman put the ball into the net. By the end of the shootout, Mountain View had placed three of five balls in the net compared to two by Lyman. This put the win in the Lady Buffs’ column, 3-2.

When the guys hit the pitch for their match, both teams were determined and set to battle for goals. The Buffalos and the Eagles worked to control the ball and send it into the goal, but the defense on the other side stopped the other team’s shots. Both goalies, Colter Tims, Mountain View, and Nate Brady, Lyman, were hot on stopping balls going into the net. The score at the end of the first half was 0-0.

Back on the pitch in the second half, the teams again traded possession of the ball trying to gain control and score goals. Defense continued to rule the pitch for both teams. Both of teams had free kicks but couldn’t capitalize on booting goals. With 33 minutes left in the second half, Eagle Caleb Smith took a shot on goal, which connected and put up the first point of the game.

Shortly after that, Buffalo Gauge Shepherd took a shot from the right wing and nailed a goal for Mountain View, tying the game, 1-1. Within a short time, Braden Walker booted a second goal, giving Mountain View a second goal and a one-point lead, with 27 minutes left in the second half. In the next few minutes Eagle Gage Neilson shot a second goal for the Eagles tying the score at 2. There were still 24 minutes left in the second half.

The clock continued to count down while the teams battled on the pitch for the ball and trying to ace goals. Shepherd put another ball in the net for the Buffalos, but the goal wasn’t counted as the refs called an offside call on the Buffalos. After the two minute mark, Brady stopped a shot by the Buffalos so the score at the end of the match was tied, 2-2.

This sent the teams into a shootout. Mountain View aced the first four of the kicks, sending the ball into the net, but missed the last one. Lyman aced the first three, missed one and then hit the last one. The score was again tied, 4-4. Sudden death was the next step to determine a winner. The first team to miss the net would lose the game, and the previous five kickers from both teams couldn’t rekick in this section.

Lyman stepped up to the mark in front of the net, shot the ball and it sailed wide. Next it was Mountain View’s turn to kick. Buffalo Shepherd strode over to the mark, took a shot and the ball sailed into the net past Lyman’s goalie. The Mountain View Buffalos earned the win, 3-2.