Uinta on ‘Flood Watch’

By VIRGINIA GIORGIS Pioneer Editor vgiorgis@bridgervalleypioneer.com
Posted 4/26/23

High water from snow melt raises concerns of flooding

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Uinta on ‘Flood Watch’


BRIDGER VALLEY — The word is out and Uinta County is on ‘Flood Watch’ to try to handle any problems before they arise and become major.

A ride through the Valley on Wednesday morning didn’t show any breeching of waterways, but it was reported Tuesday the 6-mile was flooding west of Milburne on the road to Bridger Butte.

In addition Uinta County Emergency Management posted the following on Tuesday.

“Uinta County Emergency Management has enlisted the help of Uinta County Search and Rescue drone team to check the waterways in Uinta County so if you see a drone flying by on the rivers, we are just checking for flooding issues to keep everyone safe and be prepared.

Thank you for your understanding.

Any questions please call Emergency Management at 3077830327.”

On Wednesday, Uinta County Law Enforcement posted the county had set up three sand bag locations for residents. They included the Fair Grounds in Evanston, the Road and Bridger in Bridger Valley and the Old Almy Fire Station.

There were some restrictions as:

  • Please limit to 10 per household this is not an unlimited resource*
  • Please fill your own bags if you are able and leave the filled for those that cant and emergencies.**

Please call Uinta County Emergency Management at 307-783-0327 with any questions.

In addition, both the Town of Mountain View and the Town of Bear River has set up a sand station for their residents at their Town Hall. People were advised to bring their own shovels. In addition, Mountain View said they had some pre-filled bags for those in need, the elderly/infirm/etc.

Directions for filling the sand bags were to fill them half to two-thirds full, then tie off or fold over to eliminate air gaps when the bags are stacked. Stack them up to three layers high, with a half bag alternating overlap.

Emergency Management (EM) stressed people are responsible for what they take and are also responsible for the disposal of the bags. EM stressed users should be aware and not impact their neighbors or other property when they divert water.

EM noted the weather was cooperating and not hitting high temperatures and staying there as there were cool downs from high marks.

If concerned about evacuation, EM urged residents to plan evacuation routs for themselves and animals.