White Buffalo bison baby

Posted 5/23/23

White Buffalo born at state park near Evanston

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White Buffalo bison baby


EVANSTON — A 30-pound rare white bison calf hit the ground at the Bear River State Park near Evanston, Wyoming, at about 6:30 a.m. last Tuesday, May 16.

Park Superintendent Tyfani Sager said the new baby is small, but by all accounts doing well.

According to Native Americans, white buffalos were good medicine, but with the genetics of this one, don’t know if it fits the mold.

The as-yet unnamed baby’s sex remains unknown, but it’s been up and nursing from its mother, named Wyoming Hope.

The birth of an albino white bison is a 1-in-10 million event, according to the National Bison Association. The white bison is a sacred sign to the Lakota Sioux and other plains tribes.

This new baby is off-the-charts cute, but the genetics that made it white come from Charolais cattle — and it’s not albino, Sager said.

The new mother, Wyoming Hope, was bred by one of the resident bulls at the park.