James R. Wilson

Feb. 10, 1947 – Sept. 13, 2023


Jim Wilson lived life to the fullest. He was a true cowboy, an amateur bareback rider, and an amazing artist. He loved to work with his hands at the Lazy SB Saddlery shop owned by Jim and Bonnie from 1987-2001.

He had a love of the outdoors, fishing, hunting and trail riding. Jim never met a stranger; he had an outgoing personality and always had a witty comeback to everything.  

No services are scheduled at this time, his ashes will be spread in late Spring.

He is preceded in death by his parents and sister, Jeannie. He is survived by his siblings: Linda, Barbara and Richard; ex-wife and life-long friend ,Bonnie Wilson.

He is also survived by children, a step-daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He is remembered by his daughters Kerry Carter and Roxanne Mowrey who wrote this poem:

                                           WAITING ON DAD

                        We’ve been waiting on Dad ever since we were born,

                      Waiting and waiting for the honk of his horn.

                        Surprised, happy, mad and sad,

                        We felt them all, waiting on Dad.

                        A good time fella, Oh! He was a hoot,

                        He taught us to drink, spit, fish and shoot.

                        He wasn’t always the best gift giver,

                        Most Christmases brought a new baby sister!

                        An artist, a dreamer, always on the go,

                        With a heart full of love he just didn’t know how to show.

                        When we think of him now, some of us cuss,

                        Be we know deep down there’s one truth we can trust,

                        We ain’t waiting on Dad, He’s waiting on us.

             HIs daughter Candy Hunter said:

             DAMNIT JIM!